Experiences of LGBT2Q+ Black Community

For far too long we have created a culture of silence that has allowed people to get away with racist behaviour in the LGBTQ2+ community

Black Queer Network is seeking stories of racism experienced in the Queer community of London Ontario. We also want to hear about homophobic behaviours experienced within our own BIPOC cultural communities in order to push for more education and change.

Share YOUR Experiences

We are collecting accounts of racism & homophobia experienced by the BIPOC LGBT2Q+ community in London On

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Who can submit?

If you identify as Indigenous, Black or a Person of Colour, we are asking you to fill this out with your own experiences within the Queer community in London Ontario, as well as experiences of homophobia within the BIPOC community you belong to.

If you do NOT identity as BIPOC but you have witnessed an incident(s) of racism against someone who is Queer BIPOC we ask that you submit your account as well. This helps us gain an account of incidents that occured to members of the BIPOC community who are no longer with us or who do not have the capacity to relive their experience.


Why collect the stories?

The main goal is to use our collective experiences to push for real change in our communities.

As a new group in our community, we wanted to address the culture of silence while also providing a place for QBIPOC to share their experiences. Together we can validate each other's experiences while also strengthening our collective voice.

Many of us have the knowledge of which spaces, people or organizations are unsafe for Queer BIPOC which we have gathered through our own experiences, those of friends etc. Often that knowledge remains with us or within a small circle. This enables our knowledge to be shared. To enable patterns to be identified and to identify the greater impact on our community. While you may have witnessed one isolated incident, we may find that in sharing our stories, that isolated incident is actually only one in an ongoing pattern of continuous racism. Help us challenge the racism that occurs in our community to create a community that includes us.


How & where will the stories be used?

This will vary depending on the type of story and if consent is provided to share the specifics. Hopefully in the future we will be able to use our collective experiences to create awareness using the knowledge shared through the stories.

Stories may be released with names changed and any identifying information withheld to protect the privacy and safety of the person submitting.

Your experience and your privacy is important, all information including names and identifying info will be held under confidentiality unless specific consent is given to have your stories told.


Share your Experiences of LGBT2Q+ Black Community