Community Calls to Action

Initially, we issued a call to action to our community in response to the problematic partnership between Pride London Festival and the Black Lives Matter - London ON group. We asked simply for the community, whether queer or ally:

  1. To support the work of others who are inclusive, who are doing the real, hard work that is needed.
  2. To think about what allyship and community really means. To recognize that we are more than a once a year festival. We are a community.
  3. To look beyond an organization that by virtue of having a recognizable name, has positioned themselves to hold great power.

These calls were born out of long standing frustrations, silencing, and invisibility that has been experienced by the majority of the Queer Black community. In the movement for Black Lives Matter, we cannot forget that Queer and Trans Black lives matter too. We are here.

We dream of an inclusive queer community where we are treated as an equal part. Where we can participate without fear of racism or other discrimation. Where we also feel safe. Where we matter.

Since then, we have seen the calls to action by the Indigenous Queer and 2-Spirit Network ignored. We have seen our own actions similarly dismissed by organizations and individuals who continue the biased, and discriminatory treatment of those in the community who are Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. We reiterate the call to affirm and to act.


Calls to Action

  • Recognize that the LGBT2Q+ community is present all year, not only during a designated pride season.
  • Find and support Queer community groups that are not Pride London Festival and those that do not continue the perpetration of racism. Remember that apathy is just as harmful to our community
  • End the silence when you witness harassment, intimidation, racist or exclusionary behavior against BIPOC members of the Queer community.
  • Elevate the profile of Black, Indigenous and People of Color in our community who work to end racism and the harm being done to us.
  • If you are participating in behaviors that continue the racism and abuses of power, stop. Speak out about what you have done and witnessed/been complicit in. Apologize. Work to change your behavior.

Just like combating homophobia, confronting racism will require a commitment to unlearning deeply ingrained beliefs and misconceptions. It will take an entire community to end discrimination.